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“Our website traffic has been gradually increasing, we’ve been getting great feedback from people enjoying the content, and our content has been shared more than it used to be.”

Meryl J.

Founder, Bean Ninjas

“They’ve been a great help to my business and really filled that messaging gap – the one thing that I couldn’t do myself to get my business out in front of people.”

Scott G.

CEO, Scale My Empire

What good is having a great product or service, if you don’t have enough people coming to your site to buy it? 

Top 5 Challenges Our Small Business Clients Have With Generating Traffic Online


1. The social media trap

Spending a lot of time and energy on social media but not seeing a great, or any, return on investment. 
Linkedin pod, Facebook and Instagram stories might be fun… 
But be honest – how many sales calls have you booked as a result of that effort in the past 30 days? 

2. Losing money on paid ads 

Unless you’re investing a good chunk of change in FB ads for example (say 20% of your average sale price), you’re really not going to get enough meaningful testing to make it really work. 
But, who’s telling you this? 
Certainly not the companies that stand to profit from you paying them to run ads for them. 

3. Putting out average content 

What are you most likely to share with your friends… an average movie or a great movie?
Most people would share a great experience, right? 
Here’s the deal… average content gets average results.
And average sucks in business. 
It doesn’t help you stand out above your competitors, it’s not getting re-shared, and it sure doesn’t lead to enquiries, leads or sales. 

4. Not ranking on Google

Is your content doing the “Lionel Richie”?
lionel richie
In other words, is it sitting on your site and getting zero eyeballs on it after that initial push to social media that you’re doing when you hit publish? 
Are the people who are looking for your stuff finding your content in Google? 
If not, they’re going to somebody else’s site. Good chance that it’s your competitors. 

5. Not promoting nearly enough… or at all.

Most small businesses we talk to put a lot of focus on creating and publishing regular content. 
There’s only one massive problem…
They put very little focus on promoting the content beyond scheduling the new content into their scheduling tool and maybe sharing it with their email list. 
That’s just not doing enough, unfortunately.
Did you know that one of the major factors for ranking content on search engines, and generating traffic to your site, is to have multiple popular sites with lots of traffic pointing to your content? 
SEO geeks call this “backlinking” and making this work requires doing the work to reach out to popular sites, building relationships with them, and earning those backlinks.

Are you struggling with any of these traffic challenges? 

Well, the good news is that with some guidance you can sort out your traffic problem. 

Solve your traffic challenges with our done-for-you Online Traffic Health Check

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out a 15-min questionnaire to help us understand your goals and what you’re currently doing
  2. Share your google analytics account with us so we can take a look at your data
  3. We’ll analyze your data and website, and conduct additional research, to identify where you have gaps (i.e. your biggest traffic opportunities)
  4. We’ll send you a PDF report and a short video highlighting 3 key improvement areas and recommended next steps. Delivered within 7 business days.


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